7 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Week 7 – What development in the baby and mother happens during this week?

With entering the 7th week of pregnancy, your baby is around 10,000 times the size as compared to the time of conception (hard to believe). As far as brain development is concerned, the brain is growing 250,000 nerve cells each minute, and this growth will continue for the next 21 weeks. It is around 6-7 weeks of pregnancy when the neural tube closes and the brain gets divided into 3 different parts, the front, the mid, and the hindbrain.

If you look at the ultrasound, you will see that the fetus has a larger head size as compared with the rest of the body, the size of the fetus is around 10 mm from top to bottom. Since the baby is never in a straight position during the time of pregnancy, doctors measure its size in their own terms which they refer to as crown-rump growth.

The development of eyes and ears will become more prominent, but it will still take a few more weeks for them to be fully visible through an ultrasound. The development of cartilage is also taking place, which will transform into the bones for the arms and legs. The arms have become longer as compared with the last week, with the end of the arms starting to flatten and take the shape of hands.

During week 7, the fetus has also grown kidneys of its own, and very soon it will be able to take care of waste management through urination. The liver and pancreas also start getting formed during the 7th week of pregnancy.

The sex glands of the baby are also under development, but it is still too early to determine the sex of the baby by using an ultrasound.

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As for the mother, a lot of them will start to gain a little weight during the seventh week, others might not be able to notice your pregnancy weight gain, but you will find it a little hard to fit in your old clothes, your waist size might increase by 1-2 inches.

Some women may start having issues like pimples, while other may have glowing skin, the results will differ from one pregnant woman to another. As a mother’s body is getting prepared for birth, the breast size may also get enlarged, it is quite normal as the body is preparing itself for the production of milk, which will be needed by your baby after he/she is born.

For safety reasons, the opening of the cervical canal also get sealed by the mucus plug during this week, when the time of birth is near (during the last weeks of pregnancy), this mucus plug will dissolve on its own.

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