6 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Week 6 – What development in the baby and mother happens during this week?

You have now entered the sixth week of pregnancy, by now the fetus’s heartbeat can be felt through an ultrasound, though it is still very small, around 5 mm to the most. Because the fetus is in a curled shape, it is not possible to measure it from head to toe, so the growth figures mentioned are an estimate of a fetus’s visible curled shape (through an ultrasound).

But the small size cannot be confused with the overall growth that is happening inside your belly, the brain and nervous system are now under development, the tongue and voice cords have also stated to take shape, through an ultrasound you can even see the ears, eyes, mouth, and nose as small dots, at this stage the baby looks more like a tadpole, with the arms looking like the fins of a fish, and the backbone will appear as a tail type structure. Although not visible, the respiratory organs and digestive system of the fetus are also growing during this time.

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Over the coming weeks, these things will disappear, and the fetus will start to resemble more like a normal baby.

As for the mother, even though people might still not notice your pregnancy, but the growth of the uterus will put pressure on the bladder, which will cause frequent need for urination. On the hormonal levels, a lot of changes are happening, so it is very common to experience different kind of symptoms and issues.

The first eight weeks are very crucial for the development of the fetus, so it is advisable for the mother to take proper diet, stay away from hazardous surroundings, and take all medicines or supplements that have been prescribed by your doctor. All necessary organs of the baby will develop during these weeks, so if anything goes wrong during this phase; it will affect the baby for his/her whole life-time.

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