5 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Week 5 – What development in the baby and mother happens during this week?

By reaching the fifth week of pregnancy, most women would have noticed that they have missed their regular periods, and the thought about getting pregnant will enter their mind. For those who are having a planned pregnancy, they would have already known about getting pregnant during the earlier week.

Most women will have enough HCG levels in their body at this stage, almost all home based pregnancy kits can determine if you have gotten pregnant during the fifth week.

With only 35 more weeks for the completion of the pregnancy, the fetus is growing at a very fast pace, the nervous system and heart development also starts to occur during this week. The three layers of the epiblast (ectoderm, the endoderm, and the mesoderm) are growing very fast, and the embryo will now start looking more like a fetus at this stage.

Even though the fetus is still very small, around 2 mm in diameter, all the important organs are other structures of the body are under development, and the growth will complete fully during the next 35 weeks. During the fifth week the fetus has already got its own blood supply, the mother is supplying the required blood to the fetus through the initially formed blood vessels, at a later stage these strings of the fetus’s blood strings will transform into the umbilical cord.

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