1-2 Weeks Pregnant

Start of Pregnancy – What happens during Weeks 1 and 2

In case of a planned pregnancy, all women should consult with a doctor and get a pre-conception test to avoid any complications at a later stage. Apart from this, while trying to get pregnant or in normal conditions, it is always better to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Talking about the first two weeks of the pregnancy, even though a woman has entered the pregnancy stage, she will not conceive until she reaches the third week.

Weeks 1 and 2 – What changes can a pregnant woman expect during this stage?

Usually, no detectable signs of pregnancy are felt or detected during the initial week, as a matter of fact; a woman has not become pregnant at this stage.

However, for doctors, the day your menstrual cycle started is an important date, and based on that they can provide an approximate date when the baby might be born.

The exact time of ovulation can’t be predicted by any means, still according to the stats available the due date predicted by doctors has a success rate of around five percent.

The process of getting Pregnant

A fertile women’s body is ready for pregnancy every month during the periods, and different complex hormonal changes start to take place in their body. If everything goes as it should be, conception will occur within two weeks.

According to doctors, the starting day of your last menstrual cycle is technically the time when you might have gotten pregnant. A large amount of eggs gets released in a woman’s ovary around two weeks before starting of her next menstrual cycle.

These eggs then grow further into some kind of sacs filled with fluids; in medical term we refer to these sacs as follicles.

In all the normal cases, only one of these eggs will get ovulated, it will get out of the follicle, and travel towards the fallopian tube, once there, the egg is now ready to get fertilized.

As for the remaining eggs, their journey has come to an end, during the next 24 hours all the remaining dead eggs will be absorbed back by the woman’s ovary.

At this stage, the body will start making hormonal adjustments for a successful pregnancy, although most women might not notice the side effects, the levels of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) are changing at a fast pace.

Does the Baby even exist when you are 1 and 2 Weeks of Pregnant?

As fertilization of the egg has not yet taken place, the embryo (which will later develop into a full baby) is still nonexistent. No kind of test can determine your pregnancy during the first two weeks.

The process of pregnancy may have started, but still, it is impossible to detect it using any kind of technology or tests during this time.

Does a pregnant woman’s body feel any kind of Signs and Symptoms during Weeks 1 and 2?

Being pregnant will be different for all women, each one of them may or may not encounter the conditions we have mentioned below. The information about the below-mentioned conditions is collected through a large database of pregnant women.

Almost all women are still not aware of getting pregnant; they will only get to know about it when they miss their next periods. A few of them, even though not aware of getting pregnant, may start experiencing some changes and issues due to the hormonal changes that have taken place in their body (this will normally start happening during the second week).

1 – As the body is adjusting to the pregnancy a woman may start feeling Fatigued all the time.

2 – Problems like Constipation or Bloating may intensify in women whose body is preparing for pregnancy.

3 – Nausea, which we also refer to as Morning Sickness is a common problem reported to doctors.

4 – The sleeping patterns may change in a pregnant woman, many women tell the doctors about Strange and Intense Dreams.

5 – At this stage, many women also feel some kind of softness in their Breasts.

6 – The vaginal discharge may increase, accompanied by issues like little bleeding or spotting. Although this is normal, one must quickly consult a doctor if these problems intensify.

7 – A lot of women also complain about back and neck pain, and some suffer from cramping issues too.

Healthy Pregnancy – What can be done for it?

1 – If your pregnancy is a planned one, we seriously advise both partners to opt for a pre-conception checkup. The doctors will screen the father and mother for any kind of genetic disorders, or other issues that can affect the baby’s development.

If the partners are suffering from some kind of genetic disorder, it will likely get transferred to the baby.

2 – A safe living space and environment are very necessary. Make sure you are not living or working in hazardous surroundings, if so, it is better to make some positive changes about it.

3 – Try to follow a healthy and active lifestyle, like doing exercises or engaging in yoga activities.

4 – Take some tests to confirm if you are not suffering from any kind of minerals and nutrient deficiency. Your doctors will see the reports and give you all the required supplements for a healthy pregnancy.

Our bodies normally lack folic acid which is very essential for the neural development of the baby in the womb.

5 – Apart from a healthy lifestyle and suitable environment, you must stay away from drugs, alcohol consumption, and smoking. These things can seriously create issues for your baby, and they may suffer from different kinds of physical or mental disorders throughout their whole life.

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